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Blogs I Follow

Although I read a number of Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) blogs, these are the ones that I follow most closely. By keeping the list short, I know I've missed a number of other fantastic blogs that I enjoy and are well worth reading - apologies if I haven't listed yours. 

The common theme is that I relate easily to them.


Retire by 40


Sightings at 60

And of course there are the superstar FIRE blogs that I dip into now and again, including:


Rockstar Finance

Mr Money Mustache

A good place to find European FIRE blogs is

And this last one is not a FIRE blog, but it is a worthwhile and interesting topic:


International Mindedness is a blog by a friend of mine, just started in June 2018. This link takes you to his first blog post which sets the scene. He plans to post a new article once a month.

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