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Benefits of implementing a Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Insights :

Adaptability to the changes that the Supply Chain must make with Insights.

Knowledge of all the possible scenarios to obtain the Drivers of Innovation.

Flexibility in the ability to implement Innovations in parallel tested in the Cloud with Digital Twins.

Resilience that allows to overcome any crisis scenario in the Supply with the tests carried out.

Fluidity of the Proactive Supply Chain between Suppliers, Customers and internal or external Agents connected to various Dynamcis 365 Applications, such as intelligent Order Management or Commerce.

Minimization of negative impacts on Supply Chains previously tested and analyzed with AI.

Prescriptive Analytics for greater knowledge of the actions to be carried out in real scenarios.

Modernization with Isights of any aspect that hinders a fluid Supply Chain.

Scaling of Innovations in real without limits tested in Digital Twins in the Azure Cloud.

Real-time visibility of the entire Value Chain connected to Supply Chain Management.

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Sam William

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