I Retired Young

What I do, and what it costs

I retired young, and so far it's been great.

I was 47 years old, had fallen out of love with my job, so I quit. That was a scary decision - I didn't know how much it would cost to live or what I would do with my extra free time. 

Because I struggled to find answers to these questions, I  decided to blog about  my journey to financial freedom and my early retirement experience. I hope it may help others in a similar situation.

My posts set out my monthly costs, the decisions and choices that helped me achieve financial freedom and early retirement, and some of what my retired early life looks like - what I do during my old working hours. There's probably some other nonsense thrown in as well, so apologies for that!

At the end of the day, I'm just a pretty average guy. That's good news, because I figure that if I can do it, then probably you can too, if that's your dream.

22 Mar 2018

Thank goodness I have some better news this week!

In last weeks post, I shared some of my investment nightmares. Mistakes that I made which cost me an unbelievable £427,000 ($606,000) of my early retirement fund.

Although that's a serious issue for me (do I win the under...

25 Jul 2017

Should you prioritise saving for early retirement or saving for your kid's college fund? In an ideal world, your answer would probably be both, but we know the world is not always as ideal as we would like. I suppose the possible answers could be:

  1. Save for retiremen...

8 Jun 2017

Someone said that I should write a blog on how to retire early, and I guess that as I did retire at 47 it means that I have some experience on the subject.

My journey started off not really aiming for early retirement, but rather trying to achieve financial freedom - ge...

23 Apr 2017

This is perhaps a bit of a dry post, but one that I think is relevant to people who have or want to retire early and also to anyone looking to invest some cash.  On the brighter side, I have trips to London, Prague, Berlin and Eisenach coming up over the next four week...

22 Mar 2017

Although I've posted our costs for January and February, I haven't said anything about the income side of the equation i.e. where is the money coming from to pay for what we spend, and what makes us think that the money won't expire before we do!

The reason I haven't fo...

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I think I'm a normal kind of guy, although I've perhaps had a slightly non-typical life in some respects.  I'm from the UK, 47 years old, married to Sally and with two

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