I Retired Young

What I do, and what it costs

I retired young, and so far it's been great.

I was 47 years old, had fallen out of love with my job, so I quit. That was a scary decision - I didn't know how much it would cost to live or what I would do with my extra free time. 

Because I struggled to find answers to these questions, I  decided to blog about  my journey to financial freedom and my early retirement experience. I hope it may help others in a similar situation.

My posts set out my monthly costs, the decisions and choices that helped me achieve financial freedom and early retirement, and some of what my retired early life looks like - what I do during my old working hours. There's probably some other nonsense thrown in as well, so apologies for that!

At the end of the day, I'm just a pretty average guy. That's good news, because I figure that if I can do it, then probably you can too, if that's your dream.

26 Jul 2019

Last week, after I shared my ideas of "what's next", my wife, Sally, muttered something about mid-life crisis, said I was crazy and turning into a hippy. I'd have taken "hipster", but she definitely said "hippy".

Sally also gave me her ideas for what's next and, no surp...

19 Jul 2019

Arrived at financial independence, but what does that mean? Retiring early becomes an option, but to do what? What will early retired life look like, what will we do?

Not finding answers to these questions will stop many people from making the decision to retire early a...

12 Jul 2019

I've enjoyed having my father visiting this week - living in different countries means we don't see so much of each other, but we enjoy it when we do get together.

As we chatted during the week, he said to me "you know, I don't really get your early retirement". It wasn...

14 Jun 2019

I recently read The Wealthy Finn's Passive Income Update. In broad terms, his portfolio is 25% real estate, 25% shares and 50% P2P loans and crowdfunding.

For 12 of his investments, The Wealthy Finn (aka Eelis) is seeing returns of between 1% and 32%, with many in the 1...

10 May 2019

I'm told that I come across as being positive about my FIRE life. I do try to be honest in what I write, so I guess the positivity reflects how I've found early retirement so far. As a quick test, I can truthfully say that:

  • I have no wish to go back to a life with a...

19 Apr 2019

A comment on one of my posts asked whether, looking back, I would have done things differently? What did I think of my career choice, my investments to get to financial independence (FI), and would I advise my kids do the same thing?

One answer is to say it worked, so w...

12 Apr 2019

Didn't I already do this post, a year and a half ago back in November 2017? Well, yes, but since then:

  • my wife Sally has taken a career break which she's part way through;

  • we've travelled in Asia and Australia for four months; and

  • we've moved countries,...

15 Mar 2019

Retiring early is a big deal. If you’ve done it, or are working towards it, it’s something to have pride in.

But you may also fear it will be lonely. And perhaps it feels you’re the only one in the situation, trying to decide if it’s the right thing to do.

I remember tho...

25 Jan 2019

I retired in December 2016 but my wife, Sally, chose to continue working.

It wasn't long until we found Sally and I weren’t quite on the same page. I thought Sally would join me on early retirement adventures, but that didn’t fit with her job.

We’d talked at length befor...

18 Jan 2019

The math to optimize the FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) date is pretty simple.

Step 1 - save more (by spending less) while you're working, the quicker you'll get to the lump sum you need to be financially independent, and to retire early if that's what you...

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I think I'm a normal kind of guy, although I've perhaps had a slightly non-typical life in some respects.  I'm from the UK, 47 years old, married to Sally and with two

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