I Retired Young

What I do, and what it costs

I retired young, and so far it's been great.

I was 47 years old, had fallen out of love with my job, so I quit. That was a scary decision - I didn't know how much it would cost to live or what I would do with my extra free time. 

Because I struggled to find answers to these questions, I  decided to blog about  my journey to financial freedom and my early retirement experience. I hope it may help others in a similar situation.

My posts set out my monthly costs, the decisions and choices that helped me achieve financial freedom and early retirement, and some of what my retired early life looks like - what I do during my old working hours. There's probably some other nonsense thrown in as well, so apologies for that!

At the end of the day, I'm just a pretty average guy. That's good news, because I figure that if I can do it, then probably you can too, if that's your dream.

22 Mar 2017

Although I've posted our costs for January and February, I haven't said anything about the income side of the equation i.e. where is the money coming from to pay for what we spend, and what makes us think that the money won't expire before we do!

The reason I haven't fo...

10 Mar 2017

I'm counting this as our first ski trip - that's certainly true for Sally, and close enough for me given that my previous ski trip was 30 years ago.  As I frequently can't remember what I did last week, 30 years ago surely can't count.


9 Feb 2017

My original idea for my blog site was to share how much it cost us to live once I stopped working (and to show what I did alongside that).  Now that my first full non working month has finished, I've crunched the numbers and am ready to share them.  A couple of things...

6 Feb 2017

Yes. Really. I did. The Wadi Bih Solo 72 started on the beach at Dibba, Oman at 4:30am Friday, 3 February 2017, before winding its way up 36km of beautiful but barren mountain landscape to a height of 1,000 metres, then turning and retracing the route back to the beach...

30 Jan 2017

I've enjoyed today.  It's not that anything remarkable has happened, but that I've just done some simple things that I wouldn't have done if I was working, and I've enjoyed them. 

I got a few personal admin chores out of the way, then used YouTube to start to learn...

24 Jan 2017

Bonjour, ça va?  That's nearly all the French that I know!  But one of the benefits of not working is that it gives me time to do other things, new things.  At the moment, it feels like becoming proficient in a foreign language is an impossible dream, but I'm going to...

24 Jan 2017

I have wondered whether Sally and I might have a small business one day.  Based on my interests, one idea is arranging running, cycling and maybe ski holidays to the French Alps.  Perhaps providing a few beds of accommodation and a little coffee shop too.  Well, realit...

22 Jan 2017

Today I'm trying to set up my website and blog.  I'm not an IT person, so it's a bit of a painful experience! 

So, what's it about?  I've stopped working, and want to share my experience of what I do to fill my time and how much it costs to live.  These are things...

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I think I'm a normal kind of guy, although I've perhaps had a slightly non-typical life in some respects.  I'm from the UK, 47 years old, married to Sally and with two

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